Honda City Customer Technology Clinic

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Learn to better understand your car

We know that learning about your car will take time and practice. Honda City invites you to attend our Honda City Customer Technology Clinic. None of our Sales Associates learned how to use all of the newest features in one day, and we don’t expect our customers to retain all of this new information in one sitting either.

We’ll make sure you know the basics and try to show you a few key features that you’ll want to use every day, so you can begin to better understand your car.

Once you settle into your car, you’ll have more questions for us. Join us in the Tech Clinic and learn along with other new owners about all the features you may have missed at deliver.

Join us every 3rd Saturday at 9:30 AM!


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Cars today rely more heavily on computer technology than anything else you own.

The Master mechanics in our service department now need specialized training to diagnose computer related problems and replace computer components as well as the mechanical and electronic systems they control.

Electronic Control Units (ECU)s are responsible for controlling almost everything, from your stereo to your brakes, active safety systems and your entire drivetrain (engine and transmission.)

Modern cars are a complex network of ECU’s. As many as 100 separate ECUs process a staggering amount of information, communicating with each other in real time to keep you safe and comfortable.

The average new car processed more lines of computer code than a Boeing 787, with some processing almost 10 time more!

Your new car is not only a highly advanced computer, it’s an extensive network of advanced computers on wheels!

Customer Technology Clinic Is Held Every 3rd Saturday

If you think this is something you would benefit from and would like to attend, please plan on just stopping in at 9:30 AM.

We hope you will consider joining us for this very informative clinic.

We appreciate the opportunity to assist you and look forward to seeing you.

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