Honda CR-V is’s Most-Researched Vehicle

January 18th, 2017 by

2016 Honda CR-V | Milwaukee, WIEvery year, – one of the most popular websites for automobile research – releases a statement listing the vehicles most often researched by consumers coming to their website. For 2016, the Honda CR-V took home the honors of being’s most-researched vehicle for the second year in a row, pointing towards the industry’s current trend towards the family-friendly SUV and crossover segment.

Edmunds also mentioned that two other Honda models – the Accord and the Civic – also took the second and third places on the list, securing an all-Honda top three. However, the CR-V’s incredible popularity, plus an all-new redesign for the 2017 model year, pushed consumer interest in the crossover over the edge. With modern innovations in engineering, drivers are finding that larger cars like SUVs and crossovers are more fuel efficient than ever, so they can have both the space and utility of a larger vehicle without sacrificing their gas budget.

As’s most-researched vehicle, the Honda CR-V is obviously stirring up a lot of interest. Edmunds predicts the crossover is the sixth best-selling vehicle in the nation, with its brand-mate the Honda Civic taking the fourth spot on that list, which the models share with two pickup trucks and two Toyota sedans.

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