Protection – Gold PLUS Coverage Plan

Schlossmann Honda City Gold PLUS Coverage Plan

Honda City offers the best protection plans available for your vehicle.  Listed below are some of the many types of services we offer to our customers. For pricing, please call us at 888-927-4981. We would be pleased to provide you with an estimate over the phone.

Reliable Protection for Your Vehicle!

Gold PLUS Coverage

 Five Coverage Levels*

* Coverage level availability may be limited based on the age, mileage, make and model of your vehicle. Deductibles may apply.

Gold PLUS offers all of the same features of Powertrain, Silver, and Gold, with the following additional coverage. Certain restrictions, limitations and/or exclusions may apply.*

  • Cooling
  • Fuel
  • Steering
  • Air Conditioning
  • Front Suspension
  • Rear Suspension
  • Electrical
  • Alternate Fuel Components
* See service contract for additional details


Radiator, mounting brackets and coolant recovery tank; fan clutch, fan blades and motor; fan shroud; heater core; transmission oil cooler; engine oil cooler.


Fuel lines; fuel pressure regulator; level sending unit; fuel injectors and seals; injection pump; diesel vacuum pump; electronic spark control systems; fuel injection control components including mixture control processor, throttle body assembly, cutoff valve, fuel rail, fuel distributor, trigger contacts, cold start valve, fuel injection valve, fuel accumulator; tank; tank door latch; tank filler neck and o-ring.

Air Conditioning

Compressor mounting brackets; idler pulley and bearings; air conditioning/heater blower motor; pressure lines and hoses.


Steering wheel tilt and telescoping mechanism; lines and hoses.


Onboard computer system including all relays, sensors, electronic control units and electronic control modules; power switch/button; driver information displays; controller/electronic throttle control system; battery cooling system including blower motor control, blower assembly and ducts; dedicated cooling system including pumps and radiators, coolant storage bottle, coolant valve; hybrid condenser; thermistor; high pressure fuel storage tanks including mounting straps/hardware, pressure regulators, high/low pressure fuel lines, fuel metering system, gas fill valve, low pressure filter, and finite filter; seals and gaskets.

Front Suspension

Coil and leaf springs, seats and bushings, leaf spring shackles; electronic level control components including pump, accumulator, lines and bags.


Upper and lower control arms, shafts and bushings; upper and lower ball joints; struts, housing and cartridge; wheel bearings/hubs; spindle/steering knuckle and spindle support; coil and leaf springs, seats and bushings, leaf spring shackles; track bars, links and bushings; electronic level control components including pump, accumulator, lines, bags; stabilizer bar, links and bushings.


Cruise control module, servo, and cables; instrument cluster/module including speedometer, odometer, tachometer and all gauges, warning indicators; security system or electronic entry systems including remote entry receiver, sender and module; door lock actuators; windshield washer pump; mirror motor; manual and mechanically operated switches; rear window defogger; horn and relay; convertible top motor; sunroof motor; power antenna motor; electrical headlamp motor; power trunk/hatch release motor and solenoid; power sliding door motor; electronic control modules including body control module, electronic control unit, powertrain control module, transmission control module; electronic throttle control module; airbag module; crank angle sensor; camshaft position sensor; throttle position motor; fuel pulse dampener; wide open throttle switch; thermo time switch; fuel pump relay; automatic temperature control sensor; ride height sensor and relay; oxygen sensor; mass air flow sensor; manifold differential pressure sensor; differential pressure feedback exhaust sensor; coolant temperature sensor; oil pressure sending unit; temperature sending unit; OEM radio/graphic equalizer/cassette tape player/compact disc player.


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