Protection – Silver Coverage Plan

Schlossmann Honda City Silver Coverage Plan

Honda City offers the best protection plans available for your vehicle.  Listed below are some of the many types of services we offer to our customers. For pricing, please call us at 888-927-4981. We would be pleased to provide you with an estimate over the phone.

Reliable Protection for Your Vehicle!

Silver Coverage

 Five Coverage Levels*

* Coverage level availability may be limited based on the age, mileage, make and model of your vehicle. Deductibles may apply.

Silver offers all the same features of Powertrain, with the following additional coverage. Certain restrictions, limitations and/or exclusions may apply.*

  • Steering
  • Brakes
  • Air Conditioning
  • Front Suspension
  • Electrical
  • Alternate Fuel Components
* See service contract for additional details


Steering gear housing and internal parts including control rings, valves, pinion shaft, pitman shaft, worm shaft and gear, sector shaft, bearings, adjusters; rack and pinion housing and internal parts including control valve, rack bellows, mounts, rack shaft and yoke, spool valve, bearings; power steering pump and internal parts including housing, reservoir, shaft and vanes; electric steering motor; power steering pump or electric steering motor mounting brackets; seals and gaskets.

Front Suspension

Upper and lower control arms, shafts and bushings; tension rods/radius arm and bushings; struts, housing and cartridge; spindle/steering knuckle and spindle support.


Alternator housing and all internal parts including bearings, bushings, brushes, rectifier bridge, diodes, field coil and rotor; alternator mounting bracket; voltage regulator; starter motor housing and all internal parts including bushings, brushes, field windings, starter drive and solenoid.


Hybrid/EV/hydrogen battery (nickel-metal hydrate or lithium-ion drive propulsion battery) including the case and mounting hardware, junction block, main battery cable, and frame wire; onboard battery charging system including charge controller, plug in outlets, plug in cable, and trickle charger cable; electric AC compressor and motor; electric steering rack, gear, and motor; electro/hydraulic power steering pump and reservoir; hydrogen fuel cell stack; seals and gaskets.


Master cylinder; vacuum or hydraulic brake booster assembly; hydraulic lines, hoses and fittings; brake pedal apply pin; seals and gaskets. (ANTI-LOCK BRAKING SYSTEM COMPONENTS NOT COVERED.)

Air Conditioning

Condenser; compressor; evaporator; orifice/expansion; seals and gaskets.


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