Why Buy Honda Parts

Honda Parts in Milwaukee, WI

Wondering where to get your vehicle repaired, or wanting to try your hand at doing it yourself? Either way, you’re faced with the decision of whether you should take your vehicle to a dealer or to a third-party for repairs or upgrades. You might be tempted to go to an unaffiliated mechanic or buy aftermarket parts instead of Honda parts because they seem to be cheaper overall. However, keep in mind that you get what you pay for, and no aftermarket part is going to be as satisfactory as an OEM part.

What’s the difference between “aftermarket” and “OEM”? OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer.” In the case of Honda parts, Honda would be the manufacturer in question. Aftermarket parts are typically cheaper than their OEM counterparts, but because they are typically made to be universal or generic and fit into many different brands and types of vehicles, they often aren’t the perfect fit for your car. Honda parts, on the other hand, are the very parts your vehicle was built with as it was rolling off the assembly line, which guarantees they are a perfect fit.

The benefits here should be obvious. Even if you’re shelling out a bit more money to get parts from the original manufacturer or to go to trained technicians at a Honda dealership, you are getting parts from people who know what they’re doing and specialize on performing maintenance and repair on Honda vehicles just like yours. Honda parts will last longer in your Honda car and will prevent any possible breakdowns caused by an ill-fitting aftermarket part.

If you’re looking for some OEM parts from Honda, don’t hesitate to stop by our service department as Schlossman Honda City. Our trained team of specialists knows Honda models inside and out and would be happy to help you select from our inventory of various Honda parts, so you can make sure your vehicle is in like-new condition.