Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Most new vehicles have some kind of infotainment system instead of a traditional radio, accessed through a touchscreen mounted on the center console. Oftentimes these screens allow you to sync apps or music from your phone, or allow you to make phone calls hands-free; however, the user interface always depends entirely on the auto maker themselves. What if you could access all your favorite things on the go through a menu that mimics the interface of your smartphone? With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, you can.

It’s as easy as plugging your smartphone into the USB port in your Honda model. Once you’ve connected your phone to your vehicle through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto software, you can access all your apps and features while driving whenever you like, even while your phone is locked. It’s easy to make phone calls or send texts via voice command or use your fingertips to control your experience behind the wheel. You can even utilize your phone’s GPS on the go to use navigation software that you’re more familiar with.

Do you to listen to music while you’re driving? Apple CarPlay and Android Auto both make it easier than ever to tune into your favorite music. If you’re an iPhone user, all you have to do is access your iTunes library and tell Siri what you want to play. With Android Auto, you can stream music straight from Google Play. No matter what, you can also download and make use of a number of other apps, up to and including Internet radio apps like Pandora or audiobook readers.

No matter where you are, your smartphone keeps you connected to the outside world, and now you don’t have to worry about driving distracted when someone texts or calls you. Everything is synced perfectly to your vehicle’s entertainment system so you can access it quickly and easily.

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