Car Battery Service in Milwaukee, WI

Honda Battery TesterCar batteries don’t last forever. In Wisconsin, nobody wants to get into their cold car and it won’t start. To avoid getting stranded or having your vehicles electronics like headlights, wipers, or heater malfunction, it’s best to have your battery tested at least once a year and in most cases, replaced every 3-4 years. Those who drive more than 12,000 miles a year may need to replace their battery sooner. At Honda City we’re here for all of your car battery service needs.


Free Car Battery Tests

At Honda City in Milwaukee, we’re happy to offer free battery testing so you know when you might need to start thinking about getting a new one. If you need a replacement, we recommend using a Genuine Honda battery. Using Genuine Honda Parts provides peace of mind, they’re made to OEM specifications and include a limited warranty when installed by Honda City.

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Honda City is the best place to get your car battery replaced in Milwaukee or Waukesha Wisconsin. With any car battery service you’ll also receive a complimentary multi-point inspection and car wash. Our battery tests are no obligation. We’re here to serve you and your family and keep your car, truck, van, or SUV running like new for longer.