Honda Sensing™ Safety Features

Staying safe on the road is an effort that requires focus and attention from the driver. However, there are things that even the most attentive of drivers cannot detect—and that’s where Honda Sensing comes into play! Honda is regularly considered one of the safest automotive brands in the world. For that reason, Honda has recently introduced its available Honda Sensing Safety Suite to its vehicles. Honda Sensing consists of safety systems and technologies that detect unsafe situations, even when the driver is unable to. Listed below are some of the more innovative systems that are part of the Honda Sensing suite.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Cruise Control has always been a very useful automotive tool. Adaptive Cruise Control increases the system’s usefulness even more! With Adaptive Cruise Control, the vehicle adjusts its speed in relation to the vehicle ahead of it. In this way, drivers will have to adjust their speed even less than ever.

Forward Collision Warning

The same forward cameras and sensors that make the Adaptive Cruise Control Work are also used for the Forward Collision Warning. If these sensors detect that you are approaching a vehicle in front of you too quickly, they will alert you. If you fail to act on your own in time, the Forward Collison Warning can even apply pressure to your brakes automatically!

Lane Keeping Assist System

Staying in your correct lane is an important aspect of driving safely on the road. That is why Honda added its Land Keeping Assist System to its suite of Honda Sensing Technologies. If your vehicle begins to move out of its lane without the activation of a turn signal, the Lane Keeping Assist System will activate, alerting you to realign your vehicle with the proper lane it should be in.

Being safe is an effort that requires work on all of our parts. However, it is an effort that is easier with Honda Sensing on your side!

Honda Sensing safety features are available on: