Bad Credit Auto Finance

November 30th, 2015 by
Bad Credit, Bankruptcy Auto Loans and Financing at Honda City Milwaukee Wisconsin

Marion Masterjohn

Honda City is proud to be the Milwaukee areas best choice for bad credit auto finance options for customers with poor credit history, debt, or bankruptcy. For those shopping for a new car in these situations, it can often be filled with disappointment and frustration. Many dealers, do not have the patience to work with these customers and help them obtain an auto loan. At Honda City, we recognized this need and built a dedicated special finance team, headed by Marion Masterjohn (right).

Marion is a veteran in the industry with over 25 years of experience and has built relationships with many of the national and local lenders. This allows her to leverage her clients to these institutions. It’s almost as though they have someone working for them “on the inside.” Customers who work with Marion have often been denied by other dealerships. With Marion working for them, a successful outcome is almost always obtainable.

In addition to working with lenders, she has also built rapport with many of the local bankruptcy attorneys and trustees to allow her to ensure her clients currently in bankruptcy such as Chapter 7, Chapter 9, or Chapter 13, can get their auto loan approved.

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“I just love to help people. I’ve done auto financing for so long and helped thousands and thousands of customers. When I first started, I hated having to tell someone they couldn’t get the car they wanted. That’s what pushed me into working special finance. “

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